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Early Dental Care for Kids in Bergen County

Early Dental Care

Valley Smiles Pediatric Dentistry provides early dental care for children in Ramsey, NJ. Beginning with your child’s very first visit, our engaging, friendly, and experienced pediatric team will ensure that your child receives the education, information, and oral health care they need to lay a foundation for lifelong oral health.  To schedule a pediatric dental exam in Ramsey, NJ, call 201-746-4626 or message us

Early Dental Care: Why It Matters

During the earliest years of a child’s life, suffice it to say, a lot is going on in their little mouths! Within just a few years, children will experience teething, the eruption of the primary teeth (baby teeth), and getting comfortable with their pediatric dentist. Some children may need to learn to break oral habits, such as thumb sucking or pacifier use. Plus, there’s so much to learn about taking care of their teeth. This is precisely why early dental care is so essential.

Research shows that receiving early, consistent dental care (beginning when your child’s first tooth erupts or they reach their first birthday) will help your child develop strong, healthy teeth and mouths.

Benefits of Early Dental Care

Establishing a dental “home” early in life • Learning essential dental hygiene habits • Learning proper brushing and flossing techniques • Preventing cavities (tooth decay) • Preventing gum disease • Providing continuing oral health education • Early dental counseling (anticipatory guidance) • Providing habit-breaking counseling (appliances where necessary)

At Valley Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, our passion for helping young patients establish and maintain excellent oral health is unmatched. This is evidenced by the fact that all pediatric dentists at Valley Smiles Pediatric Dentistry chose to pursue Board Certification, an extensive, lengthy process involving additional training and education followed by a rigorous examination process. Our pediatric dentists are also extensively trained in treating young patients with special needs.

Patients and their families immediately see that everything in our Ramsey, NJ pediatric dental practice is designed with young patients in mind. We offer age-appropriate entertainment, comfort items (blankets, pillow pets, and props), and large treatment rooms so that families may stay together during treatments.

Early Dental Care Services Offered

Valley Smiles Pediatric Dentistry is a comprehensive pediatric dental practice in Ramsey, NJ. All of our providers are Board-Certified by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry, and provide early dental care services including:

Establishing a Dental Home

We take a team approach to your child’s oral healthcare. During their first visit, our team goes above and beyond to welcome your child to their new dental home. Our friendly, gentle team will ensure that the environment for your child’s first visit is safe and welcoming. Families will always leave with a special treat and treatment plan for maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

Dental Hygiene Habits for Home

During your first and all subsequent early dental care appointments, education will play a focal point. Our dental assistants, hygienists, and dentists will provide crucial information for both parents and children ranging from teething tips to ideas for healthy snacking, brushing techniques, habit-breaking counseling, and much more. 

Anticipatory Guidance

Our pediatric dentists aim to equip parents and guardians with all the information necessary to help ensure their child develops beautiful, healthy, and strong teeth. Known as anticipatory guidance, our education for parents includes informing them of the many oral health milestones your child will experience as they grow. We offer tips for how to guide children through the teething process, the loss of teeth, and the eruption of the adult teeth. Should potential problems be discovered that may hinder your child’s development, our providers will walk you through all potential solutions to provide excellent outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Early Dental Care?

When should I first bring my child to the dentist?
Once your child gets their first tooth or reaches their first birthday, it’s time for their first dental visit.
How can I help my child get comfortable with the dentist?
We can help! We are happy to offer desensitization visits, during which your child simply comes to our office, but doesn’t receive any hands-on treatment. This helps children become comfortable going to the dentist. Some families also like to make dental visits an adventure, with a fun activity, meal, or treat as a post-visit reward for seeing the dentist.
What is the best way to care for my baby’s gums?
The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends cleaning the gums gently with a soft damp cloth or a baby toothbrush and water twice per day.
How long will my child suck their thumb?
All children are different. Some children stop on their own at just six months old. Others may continue sucking their thumb past the age of five. If you’re concerned about thumb sucking our pediatric dentists are happy to provide habit-breaking counseling, or a habit appliance if necessary.
Do you have child-size treatment chairs?
Absolutely. Our practice and all dental tools and equipment are precisely designed to serve young patients.
How can I make brushing time fun for my child?
There are many ways to make teeth brushing fun. You may make brushing time a family event. You may make up a silly song about brushing your teeth. You may encourage your child to demonstrate their excellent brushing technique. Toothbrush timer videos are also helpful in ensuring your child brushes for a full two minutes while watching an engaging video.
Are electric toothbrushes safe for kids?
Age and size-appropriate electric toothbrushes are safe for children. Parents and guardians should monitor children using electric toothbrushes to ensure they are not applying excessive pressure, or otherwise using it incorrectly.
How long will it take for my baby to get their first tooth?
Every child is unique. Some children get their first tooth within months, while others may not get their first tooth until they are close to their first birthday.

Begin Your Child’s Early Dental Care in Bergen County

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