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Advanced Technology at Valley Smiles Pediatric Dentistry

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Valley Smiles Pediatric Dentistry is a technologically advanced pediatric dental practice in Ramsey, NJ. At our practice, we leverage the power of technology to provide exceptional oral healthcare for young patients in a welcoming, friendly environment. To book your child’s dental appointment in Bergen County, call 201-746-4626 or message us.

What is Advanced Dental Technology?

The whole world relies on the power of technology and pediatric dentistry is no different. Advanced dental technologies (AKA digital dentistry) have improved accuracy in diagnosis, effectiveness in treatments, precision in dental care, expedited procedures, and enhanced comfort and convenience for young patients.

Advanced dental technologies include state-of-the-art imaging capabilities, computer-assisted single-tooth anesthesia, painless intraoral cameras and digital scanners, smaller X-rays for smaller mouths, and much more.

Benefits of Advanced Technology in Pediatric Dentistry

Immediate results of X-rays • Significant reduction in radiation exposure • Portable X-rays that fit smaller mouths • Less invasive imaging is easier for those with sensitive gag reflexes • Expedited dental restorations from the lab • Ceiling-mounted flat screens for distracting entertainment during treatments • Creates less waste (greener technology) • Online forms, and payments offer convenience for parents and guardians

At Valley Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, we truly care about helping children develop healthy, strong teeth and beautiful smiles. All four of our pediatric dentists have elected to become Board-Certified by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry, signifying our commitment to providing gold-standard dental care. Likewise, all our dentists have undergone extensive training in treating children with special needs to provide inclusive care.

Our passion for helping young people achieve and maintain excellent oral health extends beyond our practice. Our dentists regularly provide oral health demonstrations at local preschools and elementary schools. We are proud to support local Boys Scouts and Girls Scouts. Our founder, Dr. Aura Caldera also created the New York University Dental Outreach to Nicaragua, helping restore oral health to more than 10,000 low-income families.

Digital Dentistry at Valley Smiles Pediatric Dentistry

Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays reduce radiation exposure by up to 80%. They also yield immediate, high-quality images.

Intraoral Cameras

Painless intraoral cameras provide our pediatric dentists with 360-degree views of the teeth, jaws, and gums.

Nomad Portable Digital Imaging

The compact Nomad Portable X-ray device is ideal for X-rays on young patients who have received nitrous oxide for sedation. Its small size is particularly helpful for patients with sensitive gag reflexes.

Ceiling-Mounted Flat Screens

Our patients can choose from a selection of age-appropriate programming to watch on ceiling-mounted screens during their dental treatment.

Single Tooth Anesthesia (The Wand)

This digital device allows for anesthetizing a single tooth, rather than a section of the mouth. 

Online Services for Patients

Online patient information, and payment options help save our patients and their families time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Technology in Dentistry

Do patients pay extra for advanced technology?
No. Advanced technology has helped reduce costs for patients.
Are advanced digital technologies safe for children?
Yes. In fact, they are safer (and more comfortable) than many older technologies.
Are digital X-rays safe for kids?
Yes. Children are exposed to far less radiation from digital X-rays than film X-rays previously used in dental care.
How often will my child need digital X-rays?
Children in good oral health will not need X-rays more than once per year. Children with oral health problems may need X-rays more frequently.
Do I have to fill out forms online before my child’s appointment?
You do not have to fill them out before your appointment. You can always fill out paperwork in our office.
Do intraoral cameras hurt?
No. They resemble a pen or a small wand with a tiny camera attached. They are swabbed around the inside of the mouth, so they are completely painless.
What are the benefits of the Nomad portable imaging machine?
This little imaging device is great for young patients, patients with a sensitive gag reflex, and patients who require sedation or relaxation with nitrous oxide.

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